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This page shall provide various ways of contact with us and fellowship among the saints. As each area grows large enough an entire page will be devoted to it.

Via The Internet

Online Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall, Meeting Room, Office:

Below you should see a description and link to our most current activity. Click the "Entrance" to enter (If you are a regular visitor or have this page constantly opened you may need to refresh your browser to make sure you see the latest link.). If you click and are not able to enter then either the room is currently closed or you do not have clearence for the event. To request a meeting for prayer or counsel please email me. I also use Steam (user name: FullArmour) and IRC as tools at various times. Contact me via email. Min. James R. Bellar

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Scheduled Times EDT. (In the Lord's will)
Monday - Saturday: around 11am-10pm Fellowship Hall will be open unless superceded by another event.


  • Bellar, Bob - Bob@comforterheatingandcoolingplus.com
  • Bellar, Min. James R. - apostle@doveoutreach.org
  • Bellar, Jeanie - jeanie@doveoutreach.org
  • If you are a part of Dove Outreach and would like your e-mail address listed here please let me (JiM) :)+ know and I will put you in the listing in the Lord's will.

    Hebron: A place of sanctuary on the Internet

  • Cimones Unlimited :Providing sewing services as; tailor, seamstress, banners, curtains, and more :)+
  • Comforter Heating and Cooling Plus : serving in installations and maintainence, repair and remodeling, PLUS :)+
  • Dove Outreach : A Church of the Living God
  • JiM's-IGA : A game place for all ages :)+
  • JiM's Tree : providing a place of shelter for all in Jesus' name. :)+
  • In Person

    You may visit or call us:

    Jim and Jeanie Bellar
    751 Beaver Pike
    Waverly, Ohio 45690
    ph. [740] 226-3683

    Outreach: our last name :)+


    We meet in our house or on the grounds at 751 Beaver Pike, Waverly Ohio. Take US route 23 to US 32 E. (or just take US 32 if you are closest to it) to Beaver Pike. After turning onto Beaver Pike (there is only one way to turn onto it the other way is a different road)go about .7 of a mile to 751 Beaver Pike turn left into our drive.

    Service times are Sunday 11am (school), 12am (worship) - till whenever. Afterwad a time of fellowship with a shared meal. Friday night service at 6:30pm

    Holy Ghost Outreach Revival in Pike County, Held on grounds of 751 Beaver Pike, Waverly Ohio. July 7th - 14th nightly services beginning 6:00pm in the Lord's will of course.

    Prayer Requests: God's house is a house of prayer.

    Come for prayer personally, or if unable send them through US postal service, or e-mail us. We will pray over them and place them upon the church altar for the saints to pray over, and may God answer in Jesus' name we pray. Thank you Father.


    If you would need us to or would just like a visitation please ask and as the Lord provides we shall come to where you are. :)+ We are also open to Ministering at your church the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Just let us know and we will take it into prayer to come and have a Revival or Camp Meeting.

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