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This page is to provide you with various documents and other downloads for your edification in the name of Jesus Christ.

These files will be available in PDF (portable document format), RTF ( rich text format), DOC (Document), TXT (text) or HTML (hyper-text markup language). Some of these may also be ZIP archived. All of these files may be read by free programs. If you need any of our documents converted or hard copies please e-mail your request toMin. James R. Bellar .

Holy Bible

The Word of God

King James (Authorized) Version

The most accurate complete English translation of the Scriptures anointed by the Holy Spirit.

The Authorized Version: Public Domain PDF format
The Authorized Version : Individual txt books of the Bible

The Faithful Translation

Currently the most accurate translation of books of the Holy Bible into English.

The Faithful Translation (Linen Edition) : (TFT Linen Ed.) The Holy Gospel According to Matthew
This is a work I have been commissioned to do from the Father. Its goal is to please the Father and supply the scriptures for those who would hear the Word as currently the most accurate English translation of the original languages given unto man to live by. Of course the Spirit of God is what makes the scripture alive and the interpretation thereof is of the Lord.

Dove Outreach's Foundational Principles of the Doctrine of Christ & Ministry Offices

The Foundational Principles of the Doctrine of Christ : Our core beliefs upon which we lay all Scripture.

Dove Outreach Offices and Administration: Our Organization based upon Holy Scripture.

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